Would you be willing for the government to ditch training policemen and women and start using a cheaper security service? Think club bouncers but with tasers, and none of the legal training or any real 'knowledge' of policing. Guess the answer's 'No'?
Would you fancy saving a couple of quid on your taxes if the NHS employed untrained nurses –who you couldn’t communicate with, but it would be cheaper? Guess that's a NO again.
How about we go a little less heavy? Waiters in a restaurant – all they do is bring your food from A to B, don’t they? Couple of sovs off of your bill for a untrained waiter who really couldn’t recommend what Pinot Noir to go with your main. Oh, probably not – either, eh .
So if your answers are indeed 'no' then why the fuck do sensible people still use that cunt of a company, Uber. 
In a era where ‘The Experts' are ridiculed and Sean Spicer can still hold a job as press secretary to the world's most important man, who needs professionals and their acumen when someone without the training can, and will, do it cheaper. If I get my house broken into, I want a copper to turn up – not a security guard. If i want to get my ankle strapped up, I'd prefer a nurse.
And if I want to travel safely in London, then surely I'll go with the man or woman who spent three to four years unpaid graft, day and night, learning the city, its heritage and history.
One of those who 'won’t appreciate it until its lost' turnouts.