Street fashion photography, 1970-style

One of the most iconic pictures of the late 60s Skinhead-cum-Suedehead era was taken by photographer David Nicolson for a article in The Sunday Times during 1970. The subjects were the leaders of Chelsea Football Club’s Shed terraced stand, demolished in 1994, and one young man in particular – Danny Arkins AKA ‘Eccles’, from Fulham. 

Street style and youth culture fans will notice that by 1970 most of the lads had grown their hair out into ‘college boy’ cuts. In fact, many of those who led the way style-wise never went near a crop.

Earlier this spring, David sent a message to The Shed End forum explaining how he would love to get these amazing pics published in a book: “I spent at least a year with Bubbles, Jean, Eccles and all the Shed Boys taking hundreds of photos of you all for The Sunday Times Magazine, one of which you reproduce on your web site. I was a long-haired Yeti, but you kindly took me under your protective wings, guarding me against ‘enemies’ such as the Arsenal, while I was snapping some wonderful photos. I still have all the original negatives, and they provide excellent historical images of you in all your glories.”

You certainly don’t have to be a Chelsea supporter, or even particularly have any ‘skinhead’ interest to enjoy these wonderful time capsule moments, captured when Fulham was a working class area and the football grounds of England truly belonged to us.

Lets hope this book happens. Any potential publishers feel free to contact us via and we'll do our best to pass your details on to the people concerned.