Holidays in the Sun


Part One: FC Acid House chairman Rob Lester in outer Mongolia

Says Boy’s Own’s answer to Paul Theroux: “So, the long and short of it is I was having Portuguese classes over on the Southbank and went for a shant after in Waterloo. Ended up chatting to some girl at the bar whose fella was DJing under the arches. Turned out she was from Siberia. We talked and agreed I should look into her homeland as a holiday-adventure idea. I did but it seemed far too cold for me. Mongolia sprang to mind and I booked nine days there, via Moscow.


I stayed in a hotel for first night then played the rest by ear. Met a guide and his best pal who was on holiday after serving in the army, and off we set down to the Gobi Desert armed with acid house and Chelsea bits and bobs as a way of breaking the ice.


Driving through the Gobi Desert listening to Hercules Love Affair, Ten City and the guv’nor Mr Knuckles all a bit surreal. But the local boys were  loving the sounds.


Camels everywhere in the road, camels on the horizon and camels  on my plate as well. I don’t eat much meat but this was a goat and camel fest.


A glorious nation of warriors and throat singing, it’s such a vast, beautiful country. Put it on your bucket list.”

Issue ThreeSteve Beale