Uppers 'n' Downers

Northern folk on holiday saying “thank you” to London bus drivers

Escaping your social media bubble  

Working on your denim fades

Kayne West to out-loon Trump in 2020

DJs playing new music to older crowds and foundation tunes to the kids

Kayne replacing ‘string’ in Cockney slang 

Kiddy Smile’s Let a Bitch Know. Paris Ballroom culture at its baddest

Deliveroo now bringing Chicken Cottage 

Dressing like a inmate from Escape from Alcatraz

People who use knives in a pie ’n' mash situation

Shouting at walls 

Oliver Tobias 'birding it up west ' in The Stud

Discovering H&M’S Beckham pants do a wonderful job where it’s needed most

Ringing in sick blaming pollution levels

Tinnitus being the price you pay

Fabric getting another life. C’mon kids, know your limits, double dropping’s so 1989

Comedy Skinheads. Like white trainers on men, once you’re over 40 give it up

Bum bag revival. Please just fuck that idea off

Aquascutum’s new winter range

Mayor Khan looking more and more like the real Labour party leader

Karen Brady. Ruining a proper London club

Stone Island Spring 2017 – Not for anyone over 30 though

Diane Abbot’s YouTube sensation tour of Chicken Cottages. Well Penge.

Buzz Rickson Japan – only the Snoopy sweats

H.O.T. Records – Simply H.O.U.S.E. Simple ’n’ jackin’

Running back into your bubble as reality is far too scary


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