Top Five Combovers

Trump has proven that a comb over can win in 2016. But he’s late in the game here, so here’s our fave Top 5 combovers (leaving that Yankee whopper out).


Ralph Coates

Only black cab drivers and Dad’s Army oldies will remember him, but it was a classic and he played in the last Spurs side to win at Stamford Bridge, apparently .


Arthur Scargill

For you kids, he was like a northern hipster version of Jeremy Corbyn who led a army of lions into the abyss.


The Owner of Your Local Thai Restaurant

Don’t ask us why, but just like soggy crispy spring rolls and pissed-up nob heads straight from the local council office, it’s a tradition and officially a thing.


Wayne Rooney 

We all know it’s actually a syrup. The way one week he’s lush, the next it’s like what my nan used to call ‘nine hairs and a nit’. The feller might beat Bobby Charlton’s United goal record, but Bobby’s still got more hair.


Anonymous Techno Superstar DJ

After taking legal advice, we pulled this one. But let’s be honest, we all marvelled how someone whose barnet was on its last legs has now got better hair than Caitlyn Jenner and is so high up the RA chart.