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OMAR-S for Boy's Own at Farr Festival

Boy’s Own are back at the Farr Festival this July – an amazing, intimate four-day RUSSELL in breathtaking Hertfordshire woodland. 

On Saturday 15 July we’re hosting a tent and it's playing music till 6am the next morning – none of this rock festival stuff where the whole thing winds down at 12.
Headlining is possible the most acclaimed name in contemporary House music, Omar-S.
Backing the Detroit virtuoso up are more impressive names – DJs super-swede Axel Bowman, Mr. G of KCC and The Advent, plus Boy’s Own stalwarts Terry Farley ‘X’ Darren Nunes (they’re playing back-to-back), Miles Thunder, Nancy Noise and Dave Jarvis.
If that’s not enough for you, Todd Terje and Booka Shade are headlining the festival proper.

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